My name is Sandra Ochoa and I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can to create an excellent and abundant life!

I am the founder of the health and wealth center Houseebay.com for living solutions, a place that transforms lives.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I like to help to understand that everybody has the power to design their own lives as they wish, but I also know that is not easy when the right tools and vehicles are not there.

I worked for long years in prominent institutions and I realized that I wanted to have more free time to be with my family.

There, the salary was limited, it was never going to let me achieve my dreams.

Now, I belong to a community that is stronger every day. I feel blessed, I see people change their lives through the excellent combinations of powerful innovating tools, all turn-key model solutions, like no other exists nowadays.

This is my personal site, I invite you to check here all the premium content I prepare for you.

To your success!


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IIN is the Institute And University For Integrative Nutrition.

Our curriculum is held to the highest standards and is regularly reviewed by the New York State Education Department. IIN is partnered with U.S. and international academic institutions for advance education.

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My Mission

To Impact The World!

I want to keep teaching life principles and present the most serious and valuable tools that can physically, spiritually, and financially Empower everyone who wants to experience a sweet and unbelievable transformation that can greatly impact all other lives.

I want to share ideas and unique financial opportunities for people to experience a huge forward leap in life.

I wish that every person that encounters this information for wellness and wealth creation will pass it on to their children for long generations to come.

Let's Impact the World Together!


My Why

My Children, the motor, and the pillars that empower me and make me keep going every day, every year of my life.

When I think about them, work is easy and fun!


Integrative Nutrition

Has The Powerful Force To Transform Lives

And Create Unforgettable Happiness


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